Monday, April 21, 2008

Week Recap (Stress Level Now through the Roof)

Wow, its been a whirlwind two weeks in Capsland. We made the playoffs.
First game wasn't our best, but we came out in the third and won.
Second game, ouch.
Third game, double ouch.
Fourth game, now its coming together. We played much better, made it to the 2nd OT, before losing.
Fifth game, heck yeah! These are the Capitals I know and love. Great dump-n-chase and forechecking, more traffic in front of Creepy Eyes Biron, connecting on the power play. Officiating finally went closer to our way, although I think this series has seen the playoffs' worst officiating, going both ways. Noncalls, imaginary calls, both teams have had some shitty luck with the reffing. I think they cost us game four, but that's just me, and Vogel, and everybody else.
Ovie hasn't been a goal-scoring machine in the playoffs, leading many to think he's just another regular season wonder, who will never excel in the playoffs. However, while he may not be scoring goals, he's kicking his physical game into high gear. He's hitting everything in a Flyers jersey. He hip-checked Dowd into the Flyer bench, then calmly attempted to dump him the rest of the way in with a strategic move of attempting to get his arm free. He was only credited with 3 hits in the game, which prompted even NBC to ask if he had to get the guy all the way to the third row before it counted.
Cris Huet has been outstanding, even with the D fall apart that took place in the first 3.5 games. He made the prettiest save I may have ever seen in game 4. He makes one save to the left hand side of the top of the crease. Then, when he loses the rebound, the Flyers try to go right hand side on him. He sees it, tosses his stick into the net and makes a beautiful diagonal dive clear across to the other side of the net that knocks the puck farther out and into the possession of a Caps D-man. We had to watch the replay several times, because we didn't even see him touch the puck, it was just there and suddenly it wasn't. We thought it bounced off a defender or a Flyer. I will still have his babies, should he need me.
The entire team has stepped it up. Feds has played D; Green has kicked his offensive game into high gear and (disregarding a few times) has made great defensive plays too; Steve Eminger is making folks wonder why he hasn't played all year, and Nick and Sasha have both gotten physical, to the point where I thought Nick was gonna take a swing at Danny Boy Briere.

In a fit of thoughtfulness and planning ahead *gasp*, I took tonight off from work. The thought was, if the Caps won on Saturday, I'd be able to watch the game and if the Caps were eliminated on Saturday, I'd have an extra day to mope and be sad before thinking about next year and wetting my pants in glee (and not in the pee way, either). So here I am, having taken tonight off. With one b.i.g. p.r.o.b.l.e.m.
I agreed to work Tuesday night instead. Well shit. That's Game 7!!!! So as I watch the Caps win tonight, I will curse myself for being far-sighted enough to take the day off, but too short-sighted to realize that I should have just let it be. I have just proverbially jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.
As I sit here, I can't help but be excited. We may be headed back up to Philly, but the Caps have been stellar when it comes to do-or-die hockey. Put their backs against a wall and watch them work. They'll have your shirt off your back, your girlfriend, your wallet, and the game by the end of 60 minutes of hockey. The momentum is swinging back and we love us some momentum.

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