Monday, July 14, 2008

Signings, Camps, Etc

Huet is gone, Cooke is gone. Everybody else? Back! Fedorov, Laich, Gordon, Fehr, Green, etc. Only one left to sign in Morrisonn, who is going to arbitration. Jose Theodore is now our #1 goalie. I'm going to give him a chance and pray that the Jose Theodore I watched as a kid is the one that shows up in DC in September.
Went out to FanFest to watch the final Development Camp scrimmage. Alzner once again lived up to his billing as a smooth skating, responsible d-man. Jake Hauswirth, a guy who got passed up by everybody at the draft, showed that he belonged in the future of an NHL team. Hopefully ours. Got to listen to Brooks Laich and Ted Leonsis in their Q&A session. I'm glad Brooks is back and I'm especially happy we have such a great owner in Ted.
There was some controversy surrounding the Caps new Spirit Squad. Original descriptions painted them more like Ice Girls, but it seems their now just a formalized pep squad. Lots of discussion on it on the CI board. Everything is okay now though it seems.
Pre-season schedule was announced-home-and-homes against Carolina, Philly, Boston, and an away game against the Devils. I may have to get cable now, since my game source graduated. Hoping to make it out to one of the pre-seasons. I guess we'll see what happens.