Monday, April 21, 2008

"Handshake Gate"

I've seen the video of what Sean Avery did. Maybe I have a thing for guys with issues. But I have no problem with what happened. Avery looked like a complete and utter dork. Did he defile the game? Hardly. Did he embarrass the league? I think I'm more embarrassed that it took Sean Avery to figure out that it might work. I thought it was a brilliant stroke of remembrance from playing pond hockey as a kid. Well, maybe brilliant is a bit strong, but honestly, I don't care. I thought it was funny as hell. And it seemed to work. Which is maybe why people are making such a big deal out of it. Just a few minutes after it happened, Avery got a shot past Brodeur. However, all the rule "clarification" nonsense is a tad bit ridiculous. Had the NHL not clarified, I feel like this would have happened a few more times before somebody got a wicked slapper to the back of the head and the nonsense would have stopped right then and there. It was funny verging on idiotic and I got a good laugh out of it.

I've seen Marty's "response." Personally, I think neither of them attempted to shake hands. Which makes them both a little class-less. If I was Marty, I would have at least held out my hand. Then, if Avery refused, he looks like a jackass, not me. Avery looks like he just kept his hand up and moved on to the next guy in line. Doesn't seem like a huge deal, but the fact that his hand was still up makes it seem like he might have tried and makes him look a little bit less like an idiot.

On Sean Avery in general: He's a talented player that contributes to his team's goal totals. He's a good looking guy. He seems to attract Hollywood "it-girls" like flies to honey. But honestly, he makes me laugh. Every time he pulls something, I just roll my eyes. Somewhere out there, there's a video of him in the most blatant of dives that its just funny. He's kind of like the class clown. Fun to have around, yet most of the time, nobody really likes him because he's such a douche. Its more of a pity-like than anything. Like how you're nice to the slow kids. I don't have feelings towards him either way right now. However, should he decide one day to play for the Capitals, I would probably be secretly thrilled. (I guess its not really secret anymore)

Playoffs thus far:
Eastern Conference: Penguins swept the Senators; Bruins and Habs going into Game 7 tonight; Caps are rolling to Philly for Game 6, trying to avoid elimination; and the Rangers beat the Devils in 5.
Western Conference: Sharks and Flames are going to Game 7, the Stars went hunting and bagged themselves the defending-champ-Ducks, Avalanche tamed the Wild, and Detroit took care of the Predators.

Looking for the second 3-1 comeback in Caps history against the Flyers. Let's go Caps!!

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