Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday night is Hockey Night

Caps @ Tampa Bay Lightning

I think I'm just going to list thoughts that cross my mind during the game:
First period, no deep thoughts.
Great feed by Feds to Laich. Can't Jeff Halpern help out his hometown team? And the guys need to pick it up.
Second period, hmmmm....
First off, the point of face-offs is to get low and get the puck. But if Gordo gets any lower, we may have to get him a pool cue. I Love Huet! Mike Green can really hustle. (kind of a duh statement, but I'll make it.) John Tortorella gives great face; the camera angles on him are hilarious. I think Nick Backstrom is taking checking lessons from OV. He's got a good body check going on, including an open-ice shoulder hit. Oh and Milan Jurcina is pretty freaking awesome. John Erskine, eh, not so much. But Big John has his good points, so I won't crucify him. Brads may have a future as an outfielder or wide receiver if he decides he doesn't like hockey. Nice catch and release for a go-ahead goal. And I'll give Picard props, even though he tied it back up for the 'Ning, because that was a great shot.
If I hear Joe B say "two-two, through two" one more time, I may scream. DC has really bad commercials. That stupid "Pass Gas" commercial is getting to me. I can't figure out if I should laugh or scream in frustration. Of all the car commercials in DC that I've seen, apparently no one drives anything but luxury vehicles. Toronto needs to pick it up. They need to win in regulation. Ottawa needs to keep scoring goals. If they win in regulation, that would be nice.
Third period:
Why do people in Northern California care about our games? They always broadcast them there. Damn, the one time when Juice being able to skate faster would have been amaaaazing. I love Huet. Not to whine, but why can't the Lightning just accept the stellar draft pick that would be headed their way if they just let us win.... I'm stopping now. I'll post after the game.

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