Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh Lord Why?

Wow, these guys are really trying to test me loyalty, aren't they?? The game versus Atlanta is only in the second intermission as I write this. Every game from now on is really a "must win", its pretty redundant to say it. But this game is a must win. #59 by Ovie in the first. Then, 3 unanswereds by Atlanta, including two from a guy who had scored four all season prior to tonight. Some folks are of the opinion we can come back. I'd like to agree, but lets face it, Atlanta really does look like they spent the past week studying every single game tape that is available on us. They know exactly how to exploit every weakness we've got (which can be numerous depending on the game). They've had a PP goal, a shortie, and an even-strength goal. Others are already talking about who the Caps fans should cheer for come playoff time since we're obviously not going to have a home team to cheer for.
Once again I'm perched in front of my laptop, listening to Steve Kolbe calling the game, watching shots and plays on CBS Sportsline and wishing against all rational wishes that we can pull it together for the third and get it back. We need these points. Hell, we'll take a three point game if we have to. On the plus-side, the Maple Laffs are beating the Buffaslugs 3-1, too. The Rangers are tied up at two with the Flyers, which doesn't help us at the moment. We need the Rangers to win tonight (in regulation) to make it easier for us to take that #8 spot. Although if the Slugs and the Flies lose tonight, it doesn't do us a damn bit of good if we do too.
So here I go, diving headfirst (kinda like Sindy Crosby) into the third period, a wish and a prayer in my heart, and a gleam (vaguely resembling the Cup) in my eye.
Lets go Caps! You really shouldn't test my loyalty this far into it. Cause like LeeAnn Womack sings, "I may hate myself in the morning, but I'm gonna love you tonight." And as long afterwards as it makes sense....

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