Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, that one hurt. I didn't get to see the game, but listened to the second and third periods via the Blackhawks website. I gotta say, parts of me are really happy I didn't actually have to watch. Those same parts are also glad I missed the first period. Folks around the web pretty much have the same opinion (with the exception of a few who just hate us), that we looked tired, couldn't do anything right to save our souls, and just overall fell apart. And I, for one, (although it was painful to listen to and sit through) am glad. Yeah, we needed that. Folks back home in the south use cattleprods to jolt slow cows into action. So the game tonight, lets pray, was the worlds biggest cattleprod to the collective hind-end of the Washington Capitals. Lets also pray that the guys get some rest tomorrow in Atlanta so they can come out swinging (please God, not literally though). I'm trying to stay with the team motto "One game at a time". Since we're already on our knees, lets also pray that the reason Ovie only registered 2 shots on goal (that can't be right) is not an injury. Because if they think that Ovie shouldn't win the Hart just because the Caps don't make the playoffs, watch what happens if we lose him. There won't be a Capitals team left to make the playoffs should that happen. Of course, we could turn into the Canes or Pens and play better without him (which would be sad), but I wouldn't hold out much hope for us should he have to sit out a game or two (or please no, more). Eh, life is weird sometimes, ya know?? If I was drinking, readers, I would raise my glass to you and say "Here's to Friday! And to an Atlanta team that has hopefully forgotten where that vulcanized rubber disk goes! Cheers!"
Back on Friday after the game (or Thursday if something important comes to my attention).

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