Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Sorry about the 2+ months of non-posting. Class got pretty intense before it ended, and then I had two weeks back in Canes country before I came back to start the first semester of my senior year of college. Things are pretty hectic around here. Caps did fairly well in the preseason, 5-1-1. Season opening game in Atlanta was a crapper. Bad, bad, bad everything. We got a lesson in something, overconfidence, lack of communication? Heck if I know. Came back to DC and played the 'Hawks for the home opener. Better game. Didn't look to promising right off, but we played well. The game against Vancouver was a study in how to do things right. We held them to 10 SOG, a new franchise record. The game was spent mostly in the Vancouver zone. And we won 5-1. Which means all the more when you realize that Ovie was held to no goals. Two from Sascha Semin, a penalty shot from Nyls (Luongo=schooled), a goal from Juice(really?), and one from Green (yet again). We even got ole Bobby Lu pulled after the 2nd. Theo has looked sorta shaky in the first two games, but finally got around to looking okay at the end of the Chicago game. Johnny's win over Vancouver was his 100th, so congrats go to him.
The Spirit Squad AKA Ice Girls AKA Red Rockers started out in long sleeve Ts and khakis, but have devolved to spandex or Lycra or something else equally tight and non-breathable *shudders*. Finally broke down and got Directv so I could watch games. Which involved getting DVR, so now I don't have to ruin my roommates TV lives.
Got a couple of game trips in the prelim stages of planning. One to Hershey (prospects and bus league hockey=yay!) for a game against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. (And if someone can explain to me what the heck a Sound Tiger is, they win a cookie or something) Second trip is to DC for the game against the Blues. Unfortunately, a new (somewhat sports related) job and being a senior means I can't just drop everything for tickets and now requires school breaks and coordination of resources, people, and timeslots mainly seen by the likes of the NSA.
Probably will be a bit before I post again. I'll try to do it regularly, but school likes getting in the way of things like this.

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